RCM Billing Services

Optimize your revenue cycle with our RCM Billing Services. From basic billing processes to proactive denial management, we specialize in maximizing revenue generation for healthcare organizations through tailored medical billing services.


Key Services

We are here to help optimize revenue cycle management for healthcare organizations, ensuring a smooth operational workflow. Here's what we can assist with:

 Manual Entry of Information

 Form Filling and Processing

 Updating Databases With New Information

 Appointment Scheduling  Patient Registration  Insurance Verification  Charge Entry Claim Status and Follow-up  Payment Posting  AR Management  Rejections  Denial Management

 Primary Source Verification

 Credential Verification

 Provider Enrollment

 License Verification

 Education Verification

 Peer Reference

 Work History Verification

 Sanctions (OIG, SAM, Medical Board) Monitoring

Benefits of Outsourcing with Us

Cost Effective Support

Access remote healthcare back office support at competitive rates, ensuring increased cost-savings.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize your budget with streamlined processes and reduced overhead costs, allowing for efficient resource allocation.

Scalability Option

Quickly upscale healthcare operations without the burden of hiring and training additional staff.

Dedicated Team

Count on a team assigned to your healthcare organization, providing tailored support according your operational policies.


Why Choose Our RCM Billing Services?

Denial Management

From analyzing denial reasons to resubmitting claims and appealing denials, we specialize in maximizing revenue recovery for healthcare organizations.

From streamlining administrative tasks to optimizing billing procedures, we specialize in boosting efficiency for any business. Resolving aged claims is our specialty.

We specialize in verifying patients’ insurance coverage to facilitate smooth billing processes and improve patient satisfaction.

From promptly posting insurance and patient payments to reconciling accounts, we specialize in streamlining the revenue cycle for healthcare organizations.

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We provide various solutions for revenue cycle management outsourcing services tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations. Our services include medical billing services, medical coding services, claims processing, denial management, and payment posting. From charge entry to payment reconciliation, we handle every aspect of the revenue cycle outsourcing with precision and efficiency.

Outsourcing revenue cycle management to us offers significant financial benefits to healthcare organizations. Our solutions and optimized processes help minimize overhead expenses while maximizing revenue potential. Outsourcing revenue cycle management to us reduces the overhead costs of hiring onsite staff.

Yes, our revenue cycle management services are designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating the needs of various healthcare organizations, whether small clinics or large healthcare systems. We tailor our solutions to align with each organization's unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration with their operations and delivering optimal results.

Denials and claim rejections are common challenges in healthcare billing. At CLICKVISIONBPO, we have dedicated teams trained to provide denial management services. We analyze the root causes of denials, implement corrective actions, and work diligently to resolve them promptly. Our goal is to minimize denials and maximize reimbursements for our clients, ultimately improving revenue cycle performance.